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EXHIBITION| Cats Brothers SS15

Cats Brothers is a luxury knitwear brand by Lindsay McKean and Anna Wilkinson which was founded in November 2012. They will be showcasing their SS15 collection during the Fashion Scout exhibition open from 10am to 6pm throughout the week.

What inspired your collection?

The inspirations mainly come from childhood jokes, games and dressing up. The ideas began with the T-shirt, where I collaborated with my favourite rapper Snoop Dogg. Taking these crazy, jokey elements, like wide teeth, we translated that into crochet and put them on the sweatshirts. With the funny comics element such as the Batman logo to a Catman, there's always a funny references to take on which refers to our brand.

The SS15 collection was very much based on Knitwear. Is that your signature?

I am a knitwear designer so it is always knitwear based. I used a lot of crochet as well. There is a big emphasis on handcraft, knitting and embroidery. For example the embroidery of the t-shirts are something stable. As my previous collection we always included the customised t-shirts and crochet where we found the most successful of our label.

The collection also seems based on patterns. Why did you choose them?

As my background is a textile designer, I concentrated a lot on fabrics. I guess that is why I put so many patterns on the fabrics. Hence, there are a lot of colour and patterns going on in my work.

Tell me about your brand label – Cat Brothers?

It’s from a piece of artwork that we found in a warehouse in Hungary. We don’t understand where it came from or what it means but we found it really fun and a bit silly. We also love the logo from the drawing. It’s just the curiosity of a piece of artwork. But we took it to became the name of the brand. It was just a completely random find! It’s kind of silly. But that’s our brand personality.

How do you feel showcasing your collection at Fashion Scout?

It looks amazing! I feel excited about the exposure at Fashion Scout. I am hoping to gain exposure through the work at Fashion Scout. The place is amazing and I feel lovely to work with other cool emerging brands as well.

By Bowen Lee, (@bowenleely).

Images by Elizabeth Hodson

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