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Style Bubble: Cat’s Brothers!

The stand out, attention-grabbing and defintiely Tumblr/internet gen-friendly piece of the collection is undoubtedly the Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes baggy jumper, depicting the TLC member in her younger toothy smile days, complete with a fake bit of hair and eye-patch covering up her left eye. It’s a stroke of knit wit genius and definitely one that I could see sparking a demand for a whole music artist knitted series if Lindsay and Anna aren’t careful. Their dead rapper homages in the collections play out on pre-printed t-shirts that are then embroidered over, giving new life to those heavily-reproduced iconic images of Tupac, Biggie and MCA from the Beastie Boys. The rest of the collection fleshed out the Day of the Dead theme with skull crochet, sarape stripes and paisley beading running riot over bomber jackets, hoodies, cropped tees and customised vintage denim pieces. It’s a joyful collection that wasn’t born out of strategy or meticulous planning but instead is an edearing expression of fun-filled craft that could see Cats Brothers as a label developing in several ways.

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